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We love what we do, and we want you to love what we do for you. At Painting Etcetera, we differentiate ourselves from other painting/kitchen and bath companies by offering you not only our top-quality technical skills, but also our deeply-held philosophy of design and art, to transform the place you live into the place you love.

Committed to Excellence

It is our sincere desire to create an environment that will delight your senses and capture your imagination. We are truly excited about helping you to discover the exact look and feel you are trying to achieve, whether in painting, or kitchen/bath design. Our commitment to only the highest standards of quality, and our dedication to thorough, meticulous preparation before bringing your design to life, sets the stage for an outstanding end result.

Extraordinary Quality

We always utilize the best products and materials available as their use adds to the overall quality of your finished project. We apply our fine finish products using state of the art equipment and techniques, and our crew members are extensively trained in the traditional art of hand brushing, as well as the utilization of airless painting equipment.

All team members know every aspect of the scope of the job. We do not have a “preparation crew” and a “finish crew.” Rather, each crew member on your team is involved throughout, understands the importance of preparation, and participates in its process – the result is an absolutely consistent level of high quality throughout your project.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We recognized that your needs are unique, and your project will have its own opportunities and challenges. Our team has been trained to anticipate potential obstacles and navigate seamlessly to solutions. We are with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation, purchase of materials, installation, finishing, and hook-up, and throughout the duration of the project.

We treat your home as if it were our own. We pride ourselves on being considerate and respectful of your lifestyle, your and your family’s needs, and even the needs of your pets.

For both painting and kitchen/bath remodel jobs, each day we install fresh tarps from the point of entry into your home, and throughout the project area. We also isolate the work area with plastic walls, in order to prevent any potential dust or debris from contaminating the rest of your home.

We move your furniture carefully, and cover it. At the end of each work day our crew performs a thorough cleaning and all tarps and plastics are removed so that you can come home to a minimally disrupted environment.

Our attention to detail helps in anticipating most problems, and once the scope of the work has been set your project gets completed in a timely fashion and fulfills all of your expectations.

Because our work is a direct reflection of who we are, we never consider the project complete, unless you are entirely satisfied.