Exterior Shingle Restoration

Painting Etcetera provides unique exterior shingles maintenance and restoration services. We have developed a cleaning and finishing system that not only restores the natural beauty of your shingles, but also seals and preserves the shingles for years.

Shingle Restoration

Why do shingles seem to deteriorate?
Cedar and Redwood Shingles have a soft open grain that offers a vertical wire brushed-like texture. After the shingles are installed, they are usually treated with a sealant or a stain. Sealants and stains enhance the natural color of shingles and protects them from UV rays as well as moisture which are both deteriorating agents of exterior finishes. As the finish ages, its protective ability vanishes. Cedar and Redwood Shingles become silvery-grey and eventually stains from tannim, a naturally occurring discoloration, blackens the shingles. With time and continued exposure to the sun, the shingles can become brittled, split and break. It is important to maintain the finish before it deteriorates and leaves the shingles exposed to the weather.

Exterior Shingles Maintenance Service
We offer a maintenance service that includes an inspection of the finish and the application of more sealant where necessary. The areas that are exposed to the weather are more vulnerable than others and require the application of sealant more frequently. This maintenance program insures that the finish is in good condition and remains efficient in protecting your shingles.

Exterior Shingle Restoration Service
If the finish is deteriorated and the shingles are black with tanim, we restore the shingles.
It is very important to hire a qualified professional to wash your shingles. Shingles are soft and the use of too much pressure will ruin the shingles. When washing the shingles, we use very little pressure. We soak the shingles with plain water starting at the top. Starting at the top again, we apply a cleaning solution to all surfaces. While the products we use are environmentally friendly, it is important to protect the landscape and plants that live near the building. We rinse liberally the shingles using the pressure washer, using low and constant pressure while following the grain of the shingles ( no cross over or arabesques !!) These steps are repeated until the shingles are clean and the natural color of the redwood or cedar has returned uniformly. We let the shingles dry completely.We mask all windows and doors and apply the protective sealant, saturating the shingles but making sure that the sealant penetrates the shingles completely and does not sit on the surfaces which causes an uneven sheen. Again this is a step that requires expertise and experience because it is hard to tell how much is enough or too much.