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Interior Painting Services

1 – Free in-home consultation:
During this visit, the most important thing we do is we listen to what you want to tell us about your project: from the problems and the issues, to your requests, needs, and desires.

2 – A detailed proposal:

We prepare a detailed proposal for your project in which we list our interpretation of your needs, our findings, and a detailed scope of the work to follow. We give you a price for the project, a clear payment schedule, and references if desired.

3 – Start of work:

Upon approval of our proposal, we collect the materials for the project and start working.

4 – Guarantee: at any time, before, during, and after your project, we are just a phone call away.

At the end of your project, our work may be done but our service continues. We guarantee our work, and of course the manufacturer fully backs the quality of the products we use.

5 – Maintenance: Refresh your paint job.

We offer our clients a maintenance program that involves touch ups on walls and trim in high traffic areas (where you might see the results of children and grandchildren’s little hands, pets walking too close to the walls, the vacuum cleaner hose that has slightly damaged the paint on the trim, and other possible aspects of daily life).