Our Process

Initial site visit: We meet with our clients on site to familiarize ourselves with the project and scope of work. We listen carefully to our client’s desires and goals and gather crucial data to accurately assess the project.

Proposal: Based upon our visit, we create a detailed, custom proposal outlining the scope of work, each step of the process and techniques utilized, the type of materials recommended, and associated fees.

Color and material selection: For years, Valerie Fisher has guided clients through the challenging process of color, finish and product selection, to the point of discovery. “There is more than just the color itself to consider when selecting a finish material,” she says. It is one part of the whole. In selecting colors and finish, Valerie guides clients in looking at and making connections with the big picture: the exterior and interior architecture of the home, the floors, the woodwork and trims, the window style, the furniture, the artwork, and the lighting. “Very often the color is already present in one form or another, it just needs to be discovered!” Every effort is made to ensure that you end up with the perfect color and finish for your space. Choosing a wall color from a 3” x 3” paint chip is nearly impossible. Once your color choices have been narrowed, large swatches will be painted on your walls for you to live with for a few days to ensure that the selection you have made is the one that will make you happy in your home.

Site preparation: We value and respect your property and your home. We cover all floors from point of entry to all work areas. When necessary we handle and protect your furniture with meticulous care.

Surface preparation: We firmly believe that preparation is the foundation for quality and perfection. Without a thorough preparation there will not be a quality finish product. Sanding surfaces, removing all unstable existing finish, is imperative. The exposed surface must then be primed even prior to being worked on during a repair phase. This will ensure that the repair work will last. We use the best and most appropriate materials for every project. Valerie and her team are very critical of their own work, using the naked eye, high power light, and their hands-on touch to detect and correct any imperfections or flaws.

Painting: Our painters are trained in using all application techniques from hand brushes to state-of-the-art spraying equipment. The decision and analysis of which techniques and finish are most appropriate is Valerie’s forte. Valerie has years of experience in interior design and decorating and is the owner of Darlington Fisher Design + Build, a design and construction company. For design and remodel service please visit our website darlingtonfisher.com

Labeling and storing: We carefully label the left over paint for storage and future touch up work.

Cleanup: We haul away all debris and meticulously clean up the work areas and site.